Finally here. Working nine to six and the recurring question of ‘what next?’


I am finally writing for a living! That’s right, I decided that I needed to ditch the world of medical publishing (yawn) and strive for a career in something that I could exceed in. So here I am an SEO & Content Executive for a Digital Marketing firm. It’s amazing how a change in jobs can drastically improve your mood for the better. I mean, the hours are longer, and so is the commute… but how can you complain when you’re getting to smash content all day every day?!

This is my third job in three blog posts, which makes me think I may need to up my game in terms of blogging frequency, meaning I probably won’t post for another year regardless. But I have also come to realise that as much as I love writing for a living, I am constantly looking to the future no matter where I am in life. I am on my third job in as many years and I can’t help but think (again) about what comes next. Am I forever doomed to look forwards instead of basking in the glory that is the present? Haven’t we been warned all of our lives to live in the present because before you know it, you’re 75 and your life has flown by whilst you’ve been aiming to reach impossible goals… Or is that just me?

Am I forever doomed to look forwards instead of basking in the glory that is the present?

Henry David Theroux put it more elegantly, I think, when he said “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”

I have, therefore, realised to stop trying to look forward so much. I am, luckily, still young, so sometimes I have no choice but to look to the future as there is hopefully more of it in front of me than there is ‘past’ behind me. By living in the here and now, you learn to enjoy the smaller things that you would normally take for granted.

Of course, I am not saying that you should give up on your dreams, it is still wise to have a career plan with goals attached to it! Just enjoy the present more than you look to the future.

In my case, I am hoping to save up for the entire year before jetting off somewhere rich in culture and hot in temperature. That’s right, hopefully, one day this blog will become a travel blog…

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In for the long haul. Working the nine to five and the big question of ‘what next?’


So here I am… A fully fledged adult. I pay taxes now, I commute, I go home and ‘put my feet up’. I even make that ‘ahhh’ sound when I take my trousers off after I get in. The same sound that you hear when a fifty-odd plumber has his first sip of Carling after a long day of fixing people’s U-Bends. That’s what every adult is meant to do right?

“I even make that ‘ahhh’ sound when I take my trousers off after I get in.”

I currently work in publishing as an editorial coordinator. It didn’t take me long after leaving my admin job to find my feet here and now I get to look at medical journals for a living! If only I could understand what half of them mean…

I’m not disillusioned by the working world at all and I am exactly where I want to be right now. I’m finally earning money and I can afford to start saving (hold the applause). The only problem that comes with the luxury of that yearly salary is that after a few months of the nine to five routine, I keep asking myself a recurring question… what comes next?

After nursery you go to primary school, after primary school you go to secondary school, after secondary school you do a-levels, you do a-levels to get in to university, you get your degree in order to get a job, you get a job and then… and then what? This is the end of the line people! Generations of young adults being baby-fed information up until the age of twenty one with the insurance that no matter what, they know the title of the next chapter of their life, and here I am turning the page to find it blank.

“You get a job and then… and then what?”

I am looking in to the abyss. For the first time in my life there is no end in sight. No three months summer holiday that provides an intermission between one episode and the next. No more bunking off class and doing what I want with my afternoons. No more waking up at 1pm (3pm). The finish line has disappeared and I have no choice but to carry on running.

Make no mistake; It’s a great feeling to finally have started a career. I’m constantly meeting wonderful people who will definitely help me along the way. This is a part of adulthood and we all have to come to terms with it at some point.

I also love that fact that my life finally has some direction. Which direction  you ask? God knows.

Maybe (definitely) it takes some to get used to.

If only there was something that could soften this treacherous blow… Did someone say ‘pay rise’?


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What now? Life after University and the struggles of adulthood.


Stop all the clocks! Uni is over guys. Well, for me it is anyway, and I’m gutted. No longer will I feel that sweet student sensation of mind-numbing fatigue after hitting the books in the library all night. No more will I ever step foot in a pub whilst wearing PJ’s, deflecting the glances of judgement from the locals with that continually resonating thought of ‘hey ho, I’m a student! Who cares? Not me!’ To all of you 2016 graduates who are facing this with me, welcome to the real world, to the working week and the Sunday rest… now someone hold my hand as I sob into my Fresher’s T-Shirt.

“Hey ho, I’m a student! Who cares? Not me!”

It’s now got to that point where I have started to deliberate whether or not I should have stayed on. Not because I fancy doing the masters for the ‘worthier’ degree or all of that extra work, including another dissertation (as if the first one still isn’t haunting my dreams). I just sometimes think why did I cut short the best period of my life when I didn’t have to? I could have prolonged my entry into the adult world by an entire year, all the time whilst living with a few good mates who were still staying in my university town. I could then have entered adulthood with the knowledge that I wrung out that university towel of experience until it was bone dry. But I didn’t… and now I’m here… doing admin at a college… only until I can find myself a job in my preferred industry that is.

Although, the admin job could not have come at a better time during this interlude in my life where I’m stuck between being a student and a fully fledged adult. As mind numbing and tedious as it has been alphabetising files and making sure a box is ticked on about a thousand student’s profiles, at least I have something getting me out of bed in the morning. For just over two months I had been waking up later than I’d like to admit and binge watching Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away like there was no tomorrow! It was relief to finally be able to have a purpose to get up, and finally get my bank account back in to positive numbers again is a bonus too. 

“I’m stuck between being a student and a fully fledged adult”

It’s been a great experience and the people here have been great, no matter how many times the system crashed and everyone was running around frantically trying to fix it. After being here for almost seven weeks though, it is almost definitely time move on and land myself a job in the creative industry (because who wants to be a pencil pusher? Right?). I’ve always known I would like to write for a living and so hopefully I’ll be able to move one step closer to joining the real world and finally becoming a functioning member of society in a job that I’ve worked so hard to get. I’ve spent the last fifteen year in education, so surely it’s time, right?

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